Payroll record keeping and calculation of remuneration are the formal and legal responsibilities of each entrepreneur. Outsourcing payroll functions will guarantee confidentiality and accuracy.

Our offer includes:

  • preparation of monthly payrolls of the Client’s personnel in accordance with the supplied lists of attendance and other individual conditions
  • representation in applying for and discontinuing social insurance and registration of changes concerning employees at ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) in statutory terms
  • drafting monthly reports and declarations for ZUS
  • keeping individual payslips
  • preparation of information for insured employees (RMUA declarations)
  • calculation of income tax payments from natural persons
  • preparation of PIT-4R, PIT-11, PIT-40 declarations
  • verification of compliance of invoices for contracts of mandate with the tax laws and the requirements of the Social Insurance Institution
  • drafting employment contracts
  • employment certificates
  • employee personal file keeping.