In our work we apply the methodology of National and International Standards on Auditing. Services are provided by people who gained their vast experience working for the largest global auditing companies.

Financial audit services

All audits and reviews of financial statements are conducted according to Polish law regulations and the International Financial Reporting Standards.

The scope of services that we provide covers the analysis of financial statements prepared in pursuance of:

  • Accountancy Act of 29th of September 1994 and its implementation rules,
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),
  • German standards on drawing up financial statements – German GAAP (HGB),

While performing the analysis of financial statements and providing other attestation services, we rely upon:

  • National Standards on Auditing,
  • ISA (International Standards on Auditing) by IFAC (The International Federation of Accountants).

We have created our own methodology of auditing, based on our experience from major international auditing companies.

The planning phase is very important to us, therefore it requires involvement on the part of the Client. It allows us to identify weaknesses of internal control and understand the economic essence of transactions which are being executed.

We offer the support of a statutory auditor who is available to consult any issue and dispel any doubts which may arise during the analysis of financial statements at any time.

Advantages for our clients:
As a part of auditing financial statements, our independent and objective employees create and propose solutions that simplify and speed up the process of drawing up next financial statements.

Added value of audit:
Along with the opinion and report from the audit of financial statements, which are required by law, we will also provide our Client with an additional document – a letter to the Board. This document will state our comments on the organization of the accounting system, internal audit and security systems (including IT) which are not included in the report


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