We specialise in M&A Advisory Services. Our experience in negotiations guarantees our Clients‘ safety. We put professionalism, responsibility and partnership first, and not the one-off effect.

Professional M&A Advisory Services

M&A Advisory Services are one of FSG Business main areas of expertise.

We have conducted many transactions worth nine-digit sums starting from putting forward an idea on how to develop the company and build its value, through preparing the company for sale and conducting the whole sales process.

During many years of cooperation with our Clients we have represented them – both the seller and the buyer in the transaction processes a number of times. When representing the Client we are always the advisor of our Client, and not only the facilitator of the transaction process .

Our managerial expertise, financial director competencies, as well as our experience in transactions and negotiations allow us to provide a unique advice in the scope of M&A. We do not focus merely on sending correspondence, preparing memorandums and teasers.

We take part in all the phases of negotiations, helping to choose the best solutions. Being there for the Client every day, we are able to represent the Client better and build up his value.

The scope of our services includes:

  • complete care over buying and selling transactions
  • mergers, takeovers, transaction advisory at all stages
  • profound valuation
  • due diligence processes
  • setting the structure of the company and recommending the best solutions which will ensure the most profitable financial outcome of the transaction
  • professional participation in negotiations – always on the Clients side.

We primarily play an active role in building the value of the company before the transaction, and then we manage the whole transaction process.

Our target is not only to sell or purchase an enterprise. The measurement of success is not only the value of the transaction, but also its safety and additional conditions which will affect the situation of the company and its partners after the transaction.

When preparing for the transaction, we set out the preferences of the owners which then help us find the potential buyers who will be invited to the process. Additionally, the right type of the process has to be chosen (closed, open, dedicated, auction).

We have got experience in seeking financial, strategic and private investors. Our competency in representing our Clients in complicated international negotiations includes our experience in not only negotiations involving international funds but also in negotiating with biggest global investors.


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