Best practitioners


Krzysztof Trzebuniak

FSG Business, President of the Board

Founder of FSG Group. Formerlyan Analyst and Analytical Department Director in various banks. Played an important part in credits methodology creation, the leader of Credits Committees, M&A processes and member of Supervisory Boards. As FSG Group President he manages the team of 60 experts in the scope of economy, management and finance and is responsible for the establishment of the strategies for the main Clients of the Group.


Lucyna Roszkiewicz

FSG Business, Vice President of the Board

Co-owner and Vice President of FSG Business. Formerly an analyst and credit risk analyst in various banks and departments of medium and large enterprises . As FSG Business Vice President she is responsible for Analysis Department, as well as the management of business and M&A consulting processes and the cooperation with foreign concerns. She manages the team of 30 professionals.


Ewa Mizik-Kobisz

FSG Broker, President of the Board

Insurance broker with several years of practice. Participated in many projects which were fundamental for the setting and organization of brokerage services in Poland. Development director of a broker company, manager of complaint departments, author of trainings for the boards and controlling departments. Has created insurance solutions in the areas of financial risks for entities from various industries and sectors. As Co-owner and President of FSG Broker she is building a strong team of experienced brokers.


Anna Skorupska

FSG Finance, President of the Board

Owner of a Tax Consulting firm since 2006 with many years of experience in the scope of counseling and accountancy. Is constantly acquiring new qualifications, following the changes in financial law. Represents her Clients fairly and reliably, taking provisions of the law and their well-being into consideration. Before she had worked as Chief Accountant in large enterprises. Currently she is leading the whole financial department.


Przemysław Prymas

FSG Tax, President of the Board

FSG Tax, Co-owner and President of the Board. Has authorities of tax counselor (no. 10587). Gained his experience in taxes in companies such as Grant Thornton, Ernst & Young and BDO. Specializes in the income tax from legal entities and goods and services tax particularly in international and chain transactions. Represents taxpayers in legal in administrative courts and tax proceedings.


Michał Szychowski

FSG Tax, Vice President of the Board

FSG Tax, Co-owner and Vice President of the Board. Chartered tax advisor (entry no. 10128). Gained his professional experience working for tax authorities in Poznań as well as counseling and audit companies (Rödl & Partner and Grant Thornton). Supports and represents entities in contacts with tax and revenue controlling bodies and in administrative courts proceedings. Specializes in goods and services tax , excise taxes and customs law.


Aleksandra Sobczyńska

FSG Law, Managing Partner

She gained professional experience practicing in legal offices, and then in 2002-2007, by ruling in penal departments. She was entered on the list of attorneys of the District Bar Council in 2008. Owing to many years of judicial practice, she is specialist in judicial issues, both in respect of economic proceedings and civil proceedings. She successfully handles matters of penal economic law and penal tax law. She is engaged in providing legal advice to local government units, including being a member of supervisory boards of capital companies with local government participation, and she represents local governments in litigation.


Michał Sobczyński

FSG Law, Managing Partner

Michał Sobczyński, attorney at law, member of the Regional Bar Association in Poznań. Gained his professional experience working for prestigious law firms. Specializes in company law, business trading contracts, labour law and economic proceedings. Has extensive experience in company transformation (transformations, mergers, divisions) and company acquisition procedures. Is also a recognised expert of economic proceedings, particularly trade and internal corporate disputes.

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