The result of Due Diligence research and reorganization carried out by our company is not only the ability to identify risks and threats, but most of all, an active business consulting, the development of new solutions and assistance in their implementation.


Working with dozens of companies and capital groups we have conducted many reorganizations, proposing solutions of the design and construction of the capital group, the introduction of a new corporate governance in companies and setting the flows in groups. We create the target plan of the functioning of the group and coordinate the implementation of all the stages step by step, including transformation, legal code divisions of companies, spin-off of the organized parts of the enterprise. We pay attention to all aspects of such transformations – legal, economic, financial, accounting, banking, tax ones.

We also advise on the selection of the optimal form of running a business and the implementation of plans and projects, taking mainly safety and maximization of the profits under consideration.

We conduct due diligence research of the whole business of our Clients, propose improvements and assist them in change management and the implementation of new solutions. Due diligence is also important when purchasing other businesses, in which we analyze all aspects of current condition of the audited entity, any economical, financial, tax, legal risks, and show potential threats, opportunities and synergy effects after the acquisition of the entity. Our analysis often results in changing the concept or strategic plans.

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